Welcome to my Passion


Hello, my name is Lydia. Let me tell you a quick story: I had been working in the beauty industry for years and learned that every day brings its own challenges. On some days, every hour unravels its own challenges! It is through handling those challenges that we get to be better at our trade and offer invaluable service. However, I started to realise that not everybody understands that under the painted topcoat of beauty and glamour, there lies a tough and cut-throat marketplace. That’s how I started ‘Hello Beautiful’ in November 2016.


My Journey


Early on in my career I got to be guided by talented people and I owe a lot of my skills set and mindset to these mentors. I started off as a Beauty Therapist, but soon my entrepreneurial upbringing lead me to open my own salon. Being a Salon Owner gave me insight and understanding of what lays beyond therapy in the industry. During my time at my salon, I was presented with an opportunity to be a Product Trainer and was tasked with training Beauty Therapists countrywide. This gave me an overview of of how huge the industry is, especially the supply chain and distribution arms.


Over the course of 7 years I got promoted into a Sales Representative and ultimately the Sales Manager for the distribution company. The strain of travelling took its toll and I decided to take a break from the beauty industry to focus on my two babies and building a home. I joined a company that gave me the opportunity to work with datasets, databases and software. This further sharpened my business skills and saw me ultimately return to the beauty industry with the birth of my third child, ‘Hello Beautiful.’


My place in your business is to be the bridge between you and your Sales team. Using my extensive experience, I have curated an approach that can drive your A-Team to be agile, confident and goal-oriented.


I look forward to meeting you and helping you realise your business goals.